Have you ever been bitten by the ants?

Yes, I have. I have been careful and don’t get bitten often.  I made it 9 months working with fire ants before I was bitten the first time.

Doesn’t it hurt to be bitten?

Yes, it does. Fire ants both bite and sting. The sting is worse than the bite. However, personally I would take a fire ant bite or sting over a mosquito bite any day.

Where do you get fire ants?

We look for open fields usually near on roadsides.

How do you get them out of the ground?

The fire ant nests are dug up, dirt and everything, and placed into buckets. We then drip water into the buckets simulating a flood and forcing the fire ants to form a raft. The rafts are then fished out of the buckets and placed in bin.

For a more complete answer see 6legs2many or Texas A&M AgriLife Extension.

I have a large colony in my yard, will you come take it?

No. You would probably not like the hole we left behind and we tend not to extract the entire colony anyway.